He's big and tough and kind of looks like Freddy Mercury.

"The things I do to stay Mayor in this town."

A former professional wrestler, Stone Cold Ultra Magnus followed his career in sport/show business with the next natural step.

He went into politics and became a mayor.
As a mayor, his critics praise how he's tough on crime by personally assisting in the war against gang warfare. By using a spinning piledriver. He's also teamed up with two other guys and beat up "The Popo".

Feeling the city's need for non-corrupt police officers, Stone Cold Ultra Magnus became Commissioner Stone Cold Ultra Magnus. One of his more questionable acts was to assign a handful of powerful criminals into the care of Rim Cap One so that Rim Cap could "transform" the criminals into model citizens.. Despite the incredible irrational general zaniness that followed, Rim Cap wasn't entirely unsuccessful. So, Stone Cold Ultra Magnus gave Rim Cap some more "Transformees", and also a few "Transformees" to Rim Cap's infrequently appearing rival Boomerang and Rim Cap's more frequently appearing rival, Monsoon.

Stone Cold Ultra Magnus still occasionally forgets that he's not mayor anymore. Nobody mean enough to tell him otherwise is tough enough to get away with it.

Alternate Mode

It's a big green truck.

Behind the Scenes

Stone Cold Ultra Magnus is based off of the video game character "Mike Haggar" from Capcom.

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