Storm Surge
Biographical information


Date of birth

Around 35,000 years old

Date of death

Not deceased yet

Physical description
Alternate Mode

Military hovercraft


Male Programming



Sensor color


Personal information

Leviatron's crew of space pirates




Cybertronian Pirate


Officer, 4rd-in-command

Chronological and political information



Decepticons (?)

—Storm Surge

Storm Surge is one bot who has with nothing to all. He seems to be more of a 'bot of action' though he is cunning in a way and strikes when his opponents least expect it. Storm Surge may appear like a cute-looking sparkling with a feature that appears in the form of really long sleeves, but he actually hides a collection of deadly weapons under these, ranging from sharp space-titanium claws to even a laser-gatling gun (it is later discovered to be actually a long-forgotten form of Metallikato). It was due to this that Leviatron allowed him to be of his powerful officers.

He is good friends with fellow officer Mirage and currently has developed a rivalry to the ninja-bot Prowl whose skills seem equal to this lethal Transformer's.


As one of Leviatron's commanding officers of his space pirate crew, Storm Surge's name became greatly feared across the galaxy but this ended when he was caught by the Elite Guard. Like his master, he was sentenced to banishment by the High Council but eventually woke up in Lake Superior when the All Spark was destroyed by Optimus Prime. He then sent by Leviatron to search out downtown Detroit along with Thunderblast. After encountering some of the Autobots on Earth shortly, Storm Surge was the first one to attack the Autobots, intending to kill the gentle giant Bulkhead but the silent Transformer was countered by the skills of Prowl. Their battle was short-lived when Mirage arrived onto the scene and ordered both Storm Surge and Thunderblast to return for an important matter.