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Anibots, Maximals, Autobots, but also thinks of herself as Neutral. She actually served the Decepticons after she got created from a virus that manifested itself as a Protoform, but she quickly went back to the Autobots, and regretted serving the Decepticons.


A virus infected the base's computer, it then manifested itself as one of the Protoforms that were in a Stasis Pod near the Main Room. After, it looked for an Altmode, but couldn't really decide and took five: a CD, a Rhino, her Human form, and her Motorcycle, and a Armadillo. It then decided apon a Gender:Female, and then made a female shriek, then took information from the Internet, and the ship's Database. She got out of the Stasis Pod in her human form, looking like some Maid/Princess. She saw Alumina repairing the computer, Alumina greeting her, and then showing 'Sal around the base, then telling her to get weapons, and then she glitched and went in her robot mode, then a bunch of medidrones had to fix her. She stopped glitching, and went to Cannontrot, who gave her a hammer,arm blades, and two blaster pistols. She left the base, and transformed in her Motorcycle altmode, finding what was Darkmount, and then Leorah told her to go back and destroy the base's computer with this virus, and she left, went back, put the virus in, then left, feeling ashamed, and then went back and fought Leorah.


Hammer,Arm blades, blaster pistols.


Rhino, Armadillo, CD, her human Form,and Motorcycle.


Similar to TFP Arcee's.


Female programming.

Color Scheme:

The same, except a bit more Gold.


Data, and basically does stuff with the ship's Database, which fits her, as she rarely leaves for combat.

Behind the Scenes:

She's one of those bots who'd stay in their altmode(s) rather than their robot mode, she normally staying in her Human form. She's also a living glitch, and virus.

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