>You have made your first save file.

>As a reward for creating your first save file, your character will automatically have 100 )-( (the game location currency) when it is created



>New character created. Placed in faction GUARDIANS OF NEW CYBERTRON: ROOKIE

>Game start.



A long time after Generation 1. A universe where no Beast Wars happened.

Cybertron continued on into the golden age. The Autobots disbanded and Optimus Prime went on to create the Guardians Of New Cybertron, which the legendary Autobot leader left in the control of Ultra Magnus.

You're a Transformer, a member of the Guardians of New Cybertron, and you have no alternate form. You're in a stasis pod, but you're not in statis; the pod is not activated. The pod is falling through the atmosphere of some stone covered planet. You land with a sudden jolt and through your optics you can see rocks fly up outside the small window. You jolt uncomfortably in your standing position but the pod provides enough protection to stop you from getting anything worse then sore feet as you land from your jolt-upwards. It's a shame Rookie level members of the Guardians Of New Cybertron are forced to travel in such bad conditions, but actual ships and cruisers are reserved for higher level members.


>Open pod

The front of the pod slides open. You walk out of the pod.

>Study landscape

You study the landscape. The planet is covered in large rocks. Far in the distance you can see a large rock formation with moving shapes on, possibly life forms. Behind you is the pod; it has crashed through the roof of the cave. The pod is in bad condition. The bottom and left side of it have been dented quit a lot. The one small window has cracks spreading along the bottom.

Oh, and deeper in the cave is some sort of small Transformer. It might be anAllicon.

  • Try and talk to Allicon.
  • Walk to the rock formation.
  • Wait around.

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