Tankred is a member of Gothika Mortiis in the Transformers: Extinction fanon.

"A single man of faith can triumph over a legion of the faithless. Untold billions of the faithful can never be opposed."


Tankred hailed originally hailed from Polyhex, along with his two brothers, Draikig and Blackfire, but unlike most of the city-state’s inhabitants, they didn’t worship either Primus or Unicron, instead following a belief they had encountered on their travels throughout the galaxy, the belief of the Christians of Earth.

The Virtues

They each took upon themselves the task of representing one each of the three prominent virtues; Love, Faith and Hope. Tankred, the middle of the three brothers, picked second and chose to represent faith. He took faith to a whole new level. Blindly, he believed that some deity would protect him and his brothers, and when the team started to worship the World Eater, his zealotry almost matched that of Lord Gothika himself.

The finding and corruption of the three swords

He and his brothers also signed on as mercenaries to the Decepticon faction, and participated in many military actions which eventually caused them to catch the eye of Straxus, the Governor of Polyhex, who inducted them into a unit he was soon going to give to a prominent transformer of Polyhex.

After the incident of Vertox Quintus, the three brothers, were drawn back to Earth, and the city of Chicago. Here, they found three swords, a broadsword, a katana and a sabre. Tankred picked up the katana, Fidelacchius, and as he did so the blade emitted a white glow. Feeling the inherent power the holiness of the blade he held, he and his brothers took the swords to Unicron’s head. There the virtues represented by the swords, and the transformers were changed, made darker, yet stayed the same virtue.

The Change

After that meeting, and the changes brought about by it, Tankred was still as faithful to Unicron as he ever was, but began using the sword in more despicable methods of following both his God and his Lord’s dogma, that of destruction and a crusade to enslave the universe. And with each new act, he did not feel guilty for everything he did, was for his god.

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