Tap-Out (Earth)

Tap-Out's Alt-Mode: Dodge Avenger

Tap-Out is an Autobot from the Earth continuity family.


In general, Tap-Out is a nice guy to be around. He's amiable, willing to befriend anyone. As long as they aren't Decepticons. Tap-Out was captured during the war and forced to figh other Autobots in the Grease Pits of Polyhex. He became proficient at hand-to-hand combat, and killed many of his own kind. This left him with severe psychological scars, and made him jumpy and unforgiving. He refuses to accept that Deadlock has repented and there is a constant animosity between the two.



Neutron Assault Rifle and Spiked Knuckle Dusters


Shock Troop


Tap-Out transforms into a green Dodge Avenger.

Special Ability

Tap-Out doesn't have one. His SA-Drive was removed when he was captured.

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