Tec-Nic is a code name of the combined form of Nic and his Exo-Suit Thats right a human and an Exo-Suit the suit is an abandon Idea for letting Micromasters have more of a presence on the battlefield After desideing that thay din't need such a suit it was discared Nic is a lowly spaceship technician during a routine Earth to Cybertron flight the shuttle was attacked by Decepticons to use as a distraction Nic crashed the shuttle on Cybertron Blugeron was non to happy about a human foiling his plans he ordered his troops to give chase fleeing into a junkyard Nic discoverd the suit haveing no time to truly understand how it works he actaved the suits only weapon fireing wildly to suit did nothing more than collapsed the rubble around Nic the cons left thinking that the human had killed himself

This article is in need of grammor corrections and spelling and needs to be in the Humans catagory

also tec cant spell

(yeah that to)

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