Infiltrators is a fan-fiction series that takes place in IDW's G1 continuity. It is not canon, though all the characters are original. It primarily focuses on two infiltration squads, Autobot and Decepticon, who specialize in uninhabited worlds. They all possess their original Cybertronian modes. The series is more comedic than most of my previous ones, but not to the level of, say, Bored Fish era (no offence, I find those very funny).



Thunderbolt-Hovercraft/spaceship, team leader.

Driver-Armored car/heavy jet Triple Changer, warrior.

Ramsnipe-Drill tank/helicopter gunship Triple Charger, warrior.

Raptor-Tetrajet/stealth tank Triple Changer, stealth attack.

Stinger-Tetrajet, electronic warfare.

Sol-Mechanical wind scorpion, espionage.


Zapz-Car, leader.

Rollover-Tank/jet triple changer, warrior.

Towhard-Truck/cargo helicopter triple changer, warrior.

Domino-Motorcycle, reconnaisance

Mach-Trike racer, assault

Spino-Mechanical Spinosaurus, warrior


Ark-24-Autobot starship

Styx-Decepticon starship


Sandworm-Native to AX-IV


These will be filled out as I think them up.

AX-IV-Desert world

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