Also known as "The War Within", the War Zone is a special section of The Cybertron Archive (TCA) forums designated for role playing among TCA community members. Each War Zone participant creates a primary character and often various secondary complimenting characters, then takes turns posting the dialog and actions of their characters with other participants.

The War Zone often crosses and merges various Transformer universe continuities and usually include members' fan fiction characters. Historically, most participants follow a Generation 1 continuity in which they insert their own original characters.

Over the years, the TCA War Zone has become its own independent continuity, consisting of a wide variety of original Autobot and Decepticon and Armour Commando characters with occasional Generation 1 character cameos. Each War Zone character often has deep and complicated ties to other War Zone characters, making for very involved storytelling during the many War Zone "episodes".

The War Zone consists of four areas: the Autobot City, Charr War Room, The Fortress and War Within. The Autobot City ,The Fortress and Charr War Room sections are designated for Autobot-only, Armour Commando-only, and Decepticon-only role playing stories, respectively, allowing participants to weave their own tales without interference from participants' characters belonging to the opposing faction. The War Within section is designated for Autobot vs. Decepticon role play stories where participants with characters of both factions interact in role play, and are separated into individual "episodes". Each episode is designed to loosely revolve around a main basic plot, or story arc, specified and created by site moderators designated "War Moderators" or "War Mods".

Transformers War Within

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