Biographical information


Date of birth

Around 35,000 years old

Date of death

Not deceased yet

Physical description
Alternate Mode

Speed boat (with missile launcher)


Female Programming



Sensor color


Personal information

Leviatron's crew of space pirates




Cybertronian Pirate


Officer, 3rd-in-command

Chronological and political information



Decepticons (?)

"Oh...yoo-hoo! Over here, cutie-bot!''"
—Thunderblast in her 1st attempt in flirting with Bumblebee

Thunderblast is a female Transformers who is flirtatious and fickle (not to mention greedy, vain, opportunistic, and selfish) by nature and knows the way to get something from a 'male' Transformer (mainly Autobot) is to show a little beauty...before blasting them in the face with a stream of explosive missiles. She also possesses a unique ability some would call a 'siren song', which allows her to command armies of robots within range of her lovely song. However, if she sees something (or someone) she likes, she will not easily rest until that thing is hers and hers ALONE! She is a loyal officer to the fearsome Leviatron and shares his love for wealth and power.

She currently is smitten with the Autobot Bumblebee (though these feelings are one-sided) and began a disliking to the young Sari Sumdac who is friends with Thunderblast's 'destined spark-mate'.


A long time ago, Thunderblast was one of many Transformers among Leviatron's space pirate crew along with fellow officers Mirage and Storm Surge who terrorized the galaxy for treasure. However she, like her boss and companions, was soon caught by the Cybertronian Elite Guard led Nova Magnus and was sentenced by the High Council to banishment for her crimes. Solar cycles later, she was awaken in the depths of frozen Lake Superior when the All Spark was destroyed and shattered into many fragments. During the search for the rest of the crew, Leviatron commanded her and Storm Surge to explore downtown Detriot to identify their new location. This led to a meeting with the Autobots Prowl, Bulkhead, and Bumblebee which then into turned into a short-lived battle. During the occurring chaos, Thunderblast soon caught sight of the yellow Autobot and fell deeply in love with him (much to his dismay) thus using her unique 'siren song' ability made several robots nearby attempt to capture him. However, this failed when Mirage appeared and called the duo back for something important. Before she fled with her fellow officers, the 'femme fatale' had time to blow a loving kiss to Bumblebee which deeply disturbed the spunky 'Bot a lot.


  • Her last boyfreind she broke up with was an Autobot named Trickster. Now she is going after his oil.