Shockpulse is a Decepticon in the Movie continuity family.
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Thunderboom is the "Evil Twin" of Shockpulse, who is an Autobot. Thunderboom is also leader of the Decepticon Elite Force.

"Fire from the sky..."
—Thunderboom, just as he fires his complete arsenal at a group of Autobots, The Decepticon Elite Force
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F-15 Eagle




45 ft 3 in

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Shockpulse (occasionally)


Starscream; Shockpulse;


Inventor; Strategist;


Team Leader

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The Decepticon Elite Force book series

A legendary mechanic, Thunderboom was an ingenius little Mini-Con. However, he once had an accident when one of his experiments whent haywire (see Shockpulse for more details).

He later created a new, larger body for himself, and became a Decepticon, rising through the ranks to become 5th in command. He later would become 4th in command, after succeding Starscream at the position.

While on Cybertron, Thunderboom found out that Megatron had discovered that the All Spark could give you a new body and Alternate Mode, based on anything from your wildest imaginations. This is how Megatron got his Cybertronian mode. Upon learning this, Thunderboom made it his goal to find the All Spark, so he could use its awesome power for himself.

It was during this period that Thunderboom first met Shockpulse face-to-face. It was during a battle over the All Spark, while it was being moved to Tyger Pax. Upon realising that when one was hurt, the other felt it, they quickly deduced that their sparks were joined. It was also during this battle that Shockpulse was unable to pervent Thunderboom from interfacing with the All Spark, and gaining a new body, just as Megatron had.

Since then, even on Earth, Thunderboom and Shockpulse have been watching out for one another, because if one was destroyed, the other one would be, as well.

On Earth, Thunderboom chose the form of an F-15 Eagle, which, although obsolete when compared to F-22 Raptors, Thunderboom has a fondness for old technology. Besides, the design of F-15's better suits his personality than F-22's. His original Cybertronian mode actually slightly resembles an F-15.


  • Along with Shockpulse and Megatron, Thunderboom is one of the only Transformers to have a Cybertronian Alternate Mode which is capable of space flight without having to revert to a Protoform.
  • He is one of the fastest Decepticons.
  • As a modified F-15 Eagle, Thunderboom's Alt Mode is a reference to the Generation One Decepticon Jets: Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp.
  • As a further nod to this, Thunderboom's color scheme is almost identical to Skywarp's.