Thunderwing is a Predacon in Transformers: The New Beast Wars. He is the team leader, and is very powerful. He is heavily armed, very strong and fast, and possesses an incredible intellect to boot. He always appears to be in control, with his emotions being buried under a veneer of icy cold. Should they come out, Thunderwing morphs into a very violent being. The fact that he has enough firepower to take down a starship and strength enough to tear apart small buildings with his bare hands isn't helping matters. His crew dislike him, except for Bugly and Submarauder, who believe him to be the reincarnation of their former leader.

He is probably insane.
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Transmetal 2 Quetzalcoatlus





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Predacons, Maximals(sometimes)


Maximals, Venocons, 4 Horsemen, Renegades


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The New Beast Wars





Thunderwing's past is a mystery, aside from the fact that he worked with Zero in researching the shards. He took his name out of respect, viewing Thunderwing's example as one to strive for.

The Quest

When Thunderwing heard about Zero's quest, he decided to take one of his own. He planned to use the power of the shards to lead the Predacons "out of the Maximal's tyranny!" He gathered a small crew for a 'scientific expidition', and met up with his crew at the same spaceport as Zero's crew.


Thunderwing's sheer armament alone could make him feared, were it not for his equally considerable strength and intellect. His main weapon is a quadruple-cyclone cannon, which channels tornado-like winds into a powerful blast that can rip through a starship. He has 2 guns mounted in each shoulder, which fire electro-static energy in powerful, rapid-firing blasts. He has two metal-eating lasers on the sides of his head, which are specifically designed to erode metal at a frightening pace. He can fire toxic gases from his chest, which can have a variety of effects on both metal and living tissue. In beast mode, he has the ability to drop plasma charges and heat seeking missiles with the explosive force of 2 tons of TNT from special bomb-bays.

His raw strength is considerable, allowing Thunderwing the ability to flatten a small building in a single punch. He has sharp claws on his hands to dig into opponents. When he absorbs the energy of a planet shard, he can let loose shockwaves that can level a city, or ionize the atmosphere in a 100-mile radius. This causes other aerial Transformers to become unable to fly. He has no known physical weaknesses, but he prefers to engage in ranged combat, and has no melee weapons.


Thunderwing is white with green and gold accents and blue wings. His eyes are red.

Behind the scenes

Thunderwing's weapons are a direct copy of his namesake's tech spec weaponry. His shockwaves and ionization are a reference to IDW Thunderwing. His personality is a homage to Jhiaxus in the Generation 2 comic.