Tidal wave is a decepticon in Universes: ut

Bio: [From the Troop Assessments of Megatron, Decepticon Leader]

Brutal, destructive, and utterly relentless, Tidal Wave is a Decepticon after my own spark. Although he's a powerful warrior who truly is a force to be reckoned with, his limited intelligence and lack of battlefield ingenuity severely limit his staggering potential. Still, his destructive capabilities are quite impressive; if there is anything left standing in the wake of one of his attacks, then it was simply a matter of him not seeing it. Taking full advantage of this, I have modified him to enter a modified Powerlink with myself that grants me access to ail of his devastating abilities. Unfortunately, Tidal Wave's slow-witted cerebro-circuitry and uncontrollable impulses often interfere with the process, resulting in a severe strain on my own internal systems and minimal operating performance in this form.

Weapons and Abilities: Raw power. Physically, Tidal Wave is the most impressive of my ranks. Besides his tremendous physical strength, this simple-minded behemoth's dense hide and reinforced superstructure allow him to shrug off attacks that would leave a normal Transformer on the verge of terminal stasis lock. His powerful, weaponry-laden alternate modes have earned him the nickname "Dark Fleet" throughout the galaxy, and it's well deserved. He has the capacity to transport troops, lay siege to whole cities, or destroy entire battalions.

Weaknesses: Unfortunately, for all intents and purposes, Tidal Wave's cranial chamber is as dense as that hide of his. However, that minor flaw is easily overcome--it's simply a matter of maintaining control of that simple little mind of his. The true problem lies within his strange loyalty to that miserable parasite, Ramjet. Without him,Tidal Wave is more apt to run wild, effectively becoming -.. more of a liability than an advantage.

Strength 10
Intelligence 2
Speed 7
Endurance 10
Courage 10
Rank 7
Firepower 10
Skill 4
Total 60



R tidalwave026
R tidalwave013

R tidalwave003

R tidalwave029

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