Transformers:Aftermath is a series that takes place 4 years after the live-action movie, in the year 2011. Mini-Cons exist in this universe. The human's attitude towards Transformers is largely cautionary, as evidenced by the development of the Anti-Transformer-Robots, or ATRs. Some groups, like Black Sunshine, are more violent in their methods.


When evidence surfaces that the All Spark is back, Optimus and Starscream send a team each to Earth, with the intention of finding the All Spark. The main problem is that the All Spark's energy had been dispersed, and is now starting to gather back together. The two sides realize the potential danger of too much energy in one place, and must get it before something catastrophic occurs.


Below is a list of characters, and their alternate modes.


The primary Autobot squad in the stories.

Acid-Lime green/purple 2009 Chevrolet Camaro

Selene-Black/silver Bentley Continental GT

Thunder-Black/red F-35B Lightning II

Fortress-Black/pale blue Ford F-450

Wing-Gray/pale blue Chrysler ME 412

Autobot Squad I-53

Another squad that lands on Earth after damage to their ship.

Hardhead-Green/black M1117 Guardian

Chromedome-Brown/white Lamborghini Diablo GT

Brainstorm-Turqoise/grey F-16 Fighting Falcon

Highbrow-Blue/white Bell 206

Lione-Orange/yellow Yamaha Raptor 660 ATV

Toraizer-Purple/blue Yamaha Raptor 660 ATV


The main bad guys of the story.

Whiplash-Electric purple/green Pagani Zonda

Chopper-LVPD Bell 206

Boomer-Tan M1 Abrams w/TUSK

Controller-Green Aprilia RSV1000R

Talon-Purple/black F-22 Raptor

Apollo-Red/gold/orange 2008 Dodge Challenger

Auto-Bomb-Green Hummer HX/artillery piece

Eleanor-'Eleanor' from "Gone in 60 Seconds"

Decepticon Squad-019

Quake-Maroon/blue Leopard 2 tank

Slugslinger-Black/white Su-25 Frogfoot

Triggerhappy-Blue Eurofighter Typhoon


A group of motorcycles mutated by the All Spark.

Black Bolt-Black Harley-Davidson softail

Medusa-Purple Ducatti Monster

Triton-Blue/green Suzuki Hayabusa

Crystal-White/red Suzuki Hayabusa


Human-built anti-Transformer transforming robots. Each is described on their user's article

Nightblade-Black/red mantis

Redwing-Red/green dragonfly

Rex-Purple/bronze T-rex

Sandtrap-Brown/orange antlion

Armor-Blue/white armadillo

Leo-Silver/gold lion


Anti-Transformer-Pursuit type-Police Lamborghini Gallardo

Anti-Transformer-Aerial type-Blue/tan F/A-18F Super Hornet

Anti-Transformer-Assault type-Camo M1128 MGS

Anti-Transformer-Gunship type-Stone grey AH-64 Apache


Black Sunshine

Group who built the Extermicons.

Dr. Jones-Leader, controls Nightblade

Kira-Second-in-command, contols Redwing

King-Third-in-command, controls Rex

Kenny-General, controls Sandtrap

Sigmund-Soldier, controls Armor


Zoe Jones-Assists Autobots

Joey Smith-Assists Autobots, controls Leo