Transformers:Beast Wars/Zoids is a fan-fiction that takes place in an alternate universe. Here, instead of landing on Earth, the Maximals and Predacons land on Zi, and scan Zoids as alternate modes. There are some events that parallel the series, but most of it is unrelated. Each installment is like an episode, and is quite standalone, though there is internal continuity.


Here are characters and their alternate modes and colors.


Optimus Primal-'Gore', silver/blue 'Iron Kong Mk.II'.

Rhinox-Tan 'Metal Rhimos'.

Airazor-Brown/white 'Jet Falcon'.

Rattrap-Grey/tan 'Molga', silver/brown/red 'Molga Canory'.

Dinobot-Brown/tan 'Rev Rapter'.

Blackarachnia-Pink/blue/yellow 'Harpers'.

Cheetor-Yellow/spots 'Lightning Saix'.

Cybershark-Blue/green 'Hammer Head'.

K-9-Black/brown 'Hound Soldier'.

Night Glider-Blue/orange 'Savinga'.

Tigatron-White/stripes 'Saber Tiger'.

Depth Charge-Blue/silver 'Sinker'.

Bonecrusher-Black/grey 'Dibison'.

Polar Claw-White 'Bear Fighter'.

Grimlock-White/black 'Rev Rapter'.

Ironhide-Grey 'Elephander Assault'.

Silverbolt-Brown/white 'Buster Eagle'.

Wolfang-Black 'Command Wolf'.

Prowl-Silver/blue/red 'Nightwise'.

Sonar-Silver/bronze/red 'Zabat'.


Megatron-Purple 'Berserk Fury', purple/bronze 'Bio Tyranno'.

Scorponok-Blue-grey/red 'Guysack'.

Terrorsaur-Red 'Gravity Ptera'.

Waspinator-Yellow/green 'Killer Bee'.

Inferno-Red modified 'Demantis'.

Dinobot II-White/red 'Bio Megaraptor'.

Buzz Saw-Yellow/stripes 'Killer Bee'.

Insecticon-Blue/green 'Girafsworder'.

Jetstorm-Black/orange/green 'Cross Winger'.

Lazorbeak-Purple 'Gravity Ptera'.

Snapper-Green/yellow 'Cannon Diver'.

Saberback-Grey/black/ 'Gordos'.

Killer Punch*-Purple 'Red Horn'.

Guiledart*-Tan 'Red Horn'.

Hydra-Purple/silver 'Redler'.

Tripedacus Agents

Agents of the Tripedacus Council, sent to derail Megatron's plans.

Tarantulas-Purple/green/yellow 'Harpers'.

Blackarachnia-Black/yellow 'Harpers'.

Manterror-Green/purple 'Demantis'.

Drill Bit-Brown/purple modified 'Saicurtis'.

Spittor-Blue/orange 'Aquadon'.

Ravage-Black 'Helcat', black/silver 'Saber Tiger'

Razorclaw-Teal/maroon 'Killerdome'.

Iguanus-Brown 'Heldigunner'.

Fractyl-Green/tan 'Gravity Ptera'.

Double Punch-Red/purple 'Guysak'.

Transquito-Tan/purple 'Flyscissors'


Vok-related characters. They are destroyed by the Maximals and Predacons together, and the Tripredacus agents assist against Behemoth.

Megazarak-Green/purple/orange 'Death Stinger'.

Behemoth-Silver/black/gold 'Ultrasaurus'.




Transwarp cruiser-Tripredacus Agents


Canyon base-Maximal secondary base. Grimlock, Ironhide, Silverbolt, Wolfang, Prowl, and Sonar are stationed here.

Predacon island-Predacon secondary base. Saberback, Killer Punch, Guiledart, Terragator, Fractyl, and Hydra are stationed here.

Axalon wreckage-What's left of the Axalon after Megazarak's attack.

Forest cave-Airazor & Tigatron sometimes stay here on missions.

Fractyl's lair-What it sounds like. Fractyl has super-sensitive sensors here.

Tripedacus lair-The Tripedacus agent's primary base. Situated under the transwarp cruiser.

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