Transformers: Beast Wars Unleashed is a fan-made series based off of Beast Wars, Beast Wars 2, and Beast Wars Neo.


Taking place while the cast of Beast Wars 2 is on Gaia, Beast Wars Unleashed is about the Maximal crew of the Stargaze fighting the Predacon crew of the Fusion. The Stargaze was a normal Energon-tracking ship at first, but was soon shot down by the Fusion, a warship with new Predacons onboard. The 2 ships crash on early Earth where present day Alaska is. The Maximals then divide the ecosystem into 4 areas- Ocean, Forest, Mountain, and Polar. The Maximal commander, Phoenix Convoy, then makes squads for each area- Hazelnut leads the Forest squad, Blizzardcrush leads the Polar squad, Hoofstone leads the Mountain squad, and Aquaspout leads the Ocean squad. Meanwhile, the Predacons just follow Enetron, their leader. In season one, the 2 teams get used to their new home and fight to get control of the Transmetal Protoform, a protoform that is turned into a transmetal along with 2 Maximals and 2 Predacons, in season 2, the teams try and find the Escape Module #25687, and they duel to the end in space in season 3.



  • Phoenix Convoy- transforms into a phoenix
  • Hazelnut- transforms into a flying squirrel
  • Blizzardcrush- transforms into a polar bear
  • Hoofstone- transforms into an over-sized ram goat
  • Aquaspout- transforms into a blue whale
  • Canine- transforms into a gray wolf, gets Transmetal form and Transmetal 2 form
  • Gallantlance- transforms into a swordfish, gets Transmetal form
  • Thaw Out- transforms into a mammoth
  • Falcon Hood- transforms into a falcon
  • Spydot- transforms into a ladybug
  • Bumper- transforms into a camel
  • Rubberfin- transforms into a dolphin
  • Angel- transforms into an arctic owl
  • Slick Stripe- transforms into a zebra


  • Enetron- transforms into a yeti, a three-headed dog, a sasquatch, a kraken, and a dragon, gets Transmetal form and Transmetal 2 form
  • Plug Pull- transforms into an electric eel
  • Shreds- transforms into a tasmanian devil, gets Transmetal form
  • Jawsnap- transforms into a shark
  • Sabrel- transforms into a saber-toothed tiger
  • Fang Wire- transforms into a snake
  • Echo Ear- transforms into a bat
  • Wasp- transforms into a wasp
  • Slasher- transforms into a bearded dragon


  • Zeta- transforms into anything scanned at the time it appears


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