The Cybertronian civil war has ended. The once war torn cities are rebuilt, and the decepticos rounded up and imprisoned within the Metroplex Maximum Security Containment Facility, under the watchful eye of Ultra Magnus and his warders. Nothing gets in or out without him knowing. Until 14 prisoners manage to escape. They steal a ship, and make a run for a distant planet known as Sol-3, but to is inhabitants it is "Earth". They have one mission: seeking Omega Supreme, the last Supreme class 'bot who was lost when the Transwarp Network was detonated to prevent the Decepticons using it. They wish to use his power to overthrow High Sentinel Zeta, the commander who won the war. Soon, an old-fashioned bothunt is ordered with Zeta's protegé Optimus Minor chasing down the decepticons to the far edge of the universe and bringing them back. (NB, Optimus minor is killed by Megatron and resurrected as Optimus Prime).



Main Cast:

Ultra Magnus (voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett)

Drift (voiced by Jason Griffith)

Red Alert (voiced by Robert Foxworth)

Arcee (voiced by Collen O'Shuagnessey)

Hot Shot (voiced by Kirby Morrow)

Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen)

Bumblebee (voiced by Scott McNeil)

Cliffjumper  (voiced by Nolan North)

Recurring Cast:





Main Cast:

Lugnut (voiced by David Kaye)

Brawl (voiced by Nolan North)

Blackout (voiced by Bumper Robson)

Starscream (voiced by Sam Riegel)

Thundercracker (voiced by Graham McTavish)

Skywarp (voiced by Richard Epcar)

Soundwave (voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett)

Shockwave (voiced by Corey Burton)

Barricade (voiced by Steve Blum)

Megatron (voiced by Frank Welker)

Recurring Cast:

Constructicons (voiced by Corey Burton)

Sunstorm (voiced by Steve Blum)

Noisemaze (voiced by Paul Dobson)


H.O.R.N.E.T (Human Orientated Response to Non-friendly Extra Terrestrials

Main Cast:

General Heissler (Voiced by Jim Ward)

Sgt. Knight (voiced by Mark Strickson)

Technical Officer Cohen (voiced by Tara Strong)

Private Ramirez (Voiced by Fred Tatasciore)

Supporting Cast:

Hornet Operators


D.A.R.K Network (Data Analysis and Reconnaissence Komissariat)

Main Cast:

Baroness Nerezza

Supporting Cast:

Dark Legionaries

Surgeon Mechanics

D.A.R.Krobo (Land)

D.A.R.Krobo (Air)