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Transformers: The Fight
Transformers 3
Genre Action

Adventure Science-fiction Drama

Director Bakugaso
Producer Bakugaso
Creater Bakugaso
Original run TBA
Episodes 10 +

Transformers: The Fight is an new fan fiction series created by Bakugaso



  • Optimus Prime
  • Arcee
  • Sky sword
  • Rachet
  • Folkanus
  • Damkor
  • Rime


  • Megatron
  • Starscrem
  • Knock out
  • Soundwave
  • Sky sword (forrmer)
  • Darkus
  • Rachus Prime
  • Rock shell
  • Wisus


Season 1

  1. Return
  2. dark energon
  3. Scars
  4. Truth
  5. Back to Autobots PT 1
  6. Away from the decepticons PT 2
  7. Bots or cons? PT 3
  8. The attack
  9. Rise of Megatron PT 1
  10. Rise of Megatron PT 2

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