Transformers: The Initiative is a fan-fiction series that takes place in a modified version of the Marvel Comics continuity, one where G2 never happened. The group of Autobots featured are part of the 'Initiative', a group sent in to areas where humans and other Transformers are in danger. The main group of Decepticons are a group specially formed by Megatron to destroy the Initiative, due to the fact that they foil so many of his plans. The Initiative is a very public squad, due to their numerous fights in urban areas. They even have a PR department. Most of the canon characters that appear are in their G2 forms, assuming they had any.


The Initiative

Havoc-Mil Mi-28, squad leader

Coop-Mini Clubman, sniper

Stallion-MH-53 Pave Low, transport/assault

Domina-Ford GT, reconnaisance

MC-Maserati MC12, warrior

Locomotor-U28C locomotive/F-18 Hornet, warrior

Radiant-HAL Tejas, aerial attack


Stormer-AC-130U Spectre gunship, squad leader

Inertia-F-15 Eagle, rapid assault

Hyperion-F-15E Strike Eagle, assault

Livewire-F-15 Eagle, warrior

Phoenix-F-15 Eagle, gunner

Olympus-Robotic Hercules beetle, warrior

Toro-Robotic bull, warrior

Berzerk-Robotic wolverine, berserker


Moto-Motorcycle, Initiative PR consultant


Initiative base-Upstate New York base

Decepticon base-New Jersey Lanfill

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