Transfomers: Vector Sigma is a fanfiction written by BackLash. The stories will be written similar to a script for a television show with each chapter acting as an episode. Inspired by by events of various continuities of the Transformers lexicon, TF:VS aspires to entice readers with action, adventure, humor and sadness using elements from Transformers past and adding new and fresh characters and concepts to the mix.


The valiant Autobots and the ruthless Decepticons fight for the power to reach Vector Sigama, a mega-computer powered by the Allspark. The two factions are stranded on a prehistoric planet called Earth finding allies with the humans inhabitants and seek a way back to Vector Sigma.



  • Optimus Prime:
  • Machsonic:
  • Hound:
  • Piston:
  • Rhythm:
  • Blues:
  • Skyline:


  • Megatron:
  • Starscream:
  • Soundwave:
  • Soundbites:
  • Skywarp:
  • Wars:
  • Quickstrike:
  • Komodo Khan:


  • Heavy Load:
  • Shrapnel:
  • Gear Blade:
  • Scattershot:
  • Lock-On:

Human Allies

  • Peter Franklyn:
  • Henry Franklyn:
  • Vickie Franklyn:

Human Villains

  • Aldon Steeleus:
  • Leo Collins:
  • Circuit Breaker:
  • Action Master:

Other Characters

  • Sue Strong:
  • Miles Lancaster:
  • Chip Chase:
  • Bobby Bolivia:


Season 1
  1. The Right of All Sentient Beings Part 1: Autobot Serenity
  2. The Right of All Sentient Beings Part 2: Decepticon Tyranny
  3. The Right of All Sentient Beings Part 3: Collision

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