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What makes a featured article or what article should you nominate to feature? Things the article should have can be found here.

For more information on what makes a featured article, see What is a featured article?.


To nominate an article place:

==[[Article's Name]] ([[RB:Article's Name|Review]])==

under the section labeled "Nominations". Be sure to also add it to the current standings as

:[[Article]] (NumberOfVotes)

Another thing that should be done is have the {{FANom}} template on the top of the page.


  1. To vote place a # with your signature (~~~~)
  2. Either support or object the article’s nomination
    1. Whether you support or object, please supply concrete reasons for doing so and how it can be improved. If you do not provide a valid reason for your support or opposition, such votes will be removed.
  3. As stated above, any objections will be looked upon by the nominator, supporters and anyone willing to improve the article. Action will be taken to please the objectors.
  4. Add to the current standings.
  5. In addition, put the number sign, #, next to your name so the votes can be counted. Please sign your posts as well!

The win:

An article with the most votes wins. Also, articles within one vote will win. For example, an article wins with seven votes. Any article with six votes also wins. To If there is a tie between two or more articles the article with the least oppositions wins. For example, two articles tie with seven votes. One article has two oppositions and the other has none. The article with no oppositions wins.

After the win:

When an article wins, it will be added to the list of featured articles, the upcoming article queue, and to the history of featured articles.


Note that there are certain things that a Featured Article should have. Since no one bothered to read them, there they are, posted below. A Featured Article should...

  1. …be well written and detailed, with at least one link to an article on the Transformers Fanon Wiki.
  2. …be unbiased, non-point of view.
  3. …all images should be captioned.
  4. …be sourced with all available appearances (if articles that involve said article subject are on this wiki).
  5. …be correctly categorized.
  6. …not be tagged with improvement tags at the time of nomination, or any other templates.
  7. …have a sufficiently detailed introduction that can be used for the front page featured box.
  8. …have a minimal amount of red links, and they must be insignificant red links. Important links must be filled.
  9. …have a complete, detailed "History" section, and a "Post mortem" section if the article is about a character that has died.
  10. …have a "Personality and traits" section for a character and "Charateristics" section if it is about a vehicle, class of vehicle etc.
  11. …comply with the manual of style and the layout guide.

Current Standings


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