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This page contains information about naming articles.

Names for characters

Generally, characters should have the first letters of their names and surnames capitalized.

  • Examples:
    • Optimus Prime instead of Optimus prime

Disambiguation brackets

Round brackets (parentheses) should be used to create disambiguation articles; in that manner we can recognise characters who share the same name. Example: Optimus Prime (G1) and Optimus Prime (Armada). Remember to put a space before the first bracket.


Two or more editors could want to write some fanon involving a specific character (for example you could want to write something about Optimus Prime). Proposed solutions:

1 - Create a disambiguation page (example "Optimus Prime") containing the related links (examples: Optimus Prime (General Grham) and Optimus Prime (Troyb)) if the character has different authors.

2 - Create paraghraphs into the article (example Optimus Prime) with subdivisions to distinguish the various versions (in this manner: ==General Grham== ==Troyb==).

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