The picture drive is a collaboration to add pictures to existing articles with Featured article status, but do not have many visual aids.

Nomination and Voting

Articles to have pictures added to can be nominated by registered users in the "nominations" section below, with an explanation of what work is needed. Please do not nominate articles involved in edit wars. To nominate, put:

==[[Article's name]]==

When you vote, please add your vote to the vote total at the Current Ranking section, and make the necessary changes. Opposing votes are not counted. You can vote for as many articles as you like. Articles need two votes per week to stay on the list.

Each Sunday, the article with the most votes is selected to be the current picture drive.



  1. The article should be well-written, but lacks visual aids that appeal to readers.
  2. The author of the article can "veto" the picture drive nomination if he does not want his article to be selected.
  3. When the article is selected for picture drive, please follow the specifications (if any) that the author gives to desired pictures.
  4. Before placing pictures on the article, put them on the Talk Page of the article under a Picture Drive heading. The author will chose pictures and put them in unless the author of the article specifies otherwise or requests help.
  5. You may nominate your own articles.
  6. You may vote for your own articles.

Current Standings


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