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In Transformers Hybrids, a malfunction in Teletran 1's scanners result in Transformers with alternate modes that look like hybrids between vehicles and animals. The fight for the fate of Cybertron rages on... only everyone knows about it.


Optimus Prime

The wise leader of the Autobots. has a lion/fire truck alternate mode


The Logical Autobot. has A German Shepard/Poice Car alternate mode

Bumblebee / Hot Shot

The Speed-Obsessed Autobot with a big heart, would later be upgraded to Hot Shot. has a Cat/Car, later Cheetah/Race Car Alt. mode


The small scout Autobot. has a Rabbit/Motorcycle Alt. Mode.


The Weapon-obsessed Autobot. has a Bull/Pickup Truck Alt. mode.



The evil king of the Decepticons. Has a Crocodile/Assualt truck alt. mode


Megatron's second-in-command. He plots on taking over the decepticons. has a pteranodon/jet Alt. Mode


Megatron's demolistion officer, hence the name. has a rhino/drill tank alt. mode


Megatron's aerial officer. has a bird/helicopter alt. mode.


A mysterious decepticon. has a Raptor/Blaster alt. mode, mostly raptor.

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