Once, there was a Golden Age, on the planet of Cybertron. Then, one shot, was all it took. The peace was shattered like glass, and a war broke out. Then, two warriors were made, and lead strike forces, in an energy crisis.


Optimus Prime: The leader of the Earthen Autobots. Is a young leader, who is a bit pessimistic about his leadership skills. Because of this, he often consults with his old friend Ironhide. Transforms into a Peterbeillt 389 truck cab.

Ironhide: The second-in-command and weapons specialist of the Autobots. Is like Animated Ratchet, personality-wise.

Bumblebee: the second youngest Autobot on the team. Is armed with 2 stingers, which have little power. He is often a welder, and is an apprentice of Red Alert.

Arcee: The youngest on the team, and the smallest. Is a very good sharpshooter, and has an energon crossbow. Was originally on Alpha Trion's team.

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