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Ultima is a Radious autobot. He was the leader of the refugees coming from Radion. After the first leader, Ultimania, and Ultima's father died, Ultimania gave the Sword of Serenity as a sign of Ulima's new leadership over the Radious. Ultima lead his strike team to find a new appropriate home as the other Radious where taking refuge on Earth as a temporary home. Ultima found a new planet, Terran, which was almost exactly the same as Earth. Terran had been going through some troubles of war when an ancient Radious explorers came to Terran to add to their small empire. Ultima decided it was best to fight them off. The Great Radious War sparked. The only Terranian help they got was that of the Air Force. Ultima battled with the Exploricon's leader, nearly killing him, when they pulled back and moved out of Terran. Ultima then sent Sentry and Steele to go retrieve the Radious on Earth. Most of them have adjusted to living there and only a couple decided to go to Terran. The rest stayed with the Autobots. When they returned the Terran, Ultima soon found a place were Autobots can fall back. They lived protecting the Terranians from Exploricon's until Ultima was killed by one of their spies. Sentry was forced to take the leadership of the Radious.

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