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"Light it up, Doc."
—Unreal, moments before being blasted into every continuity ever.

Unreal is a test-subject for many mad scientists under the Decepticon insignia. He's really not that bad a guy, and not evil or insane for the most part, but he doesn't agree with most of the autobot ideals involving life and heroics and self-sacrifice. Before the war, he transformed into a black Cybertronian Limo used for moving around rich, spoiled Minicons and Minibots with wealthy parents. During the war, he was slightly converted to transport weapons and energon to the main forces.


Before the War

Before the great war, before Megatron and Optimus fought countless battles, there was a lonely little Cybertronian named Unreal. It was a time of peace, a time of Energon Binges and wild parties. And when spoiled young minibots and minicons would need driven from place to place without fear of crashing their own Alt-Modes they would call upon the services of Unreal. Not a big vehicle by any standards, his Alt-Mode stretched out a bit to hold two, maybe three bots at a time; four if the squeezed in. He hated the job. He hated the snobs commanding him, telling him what to do while slurring and spilling Energon all over his interior. They whined, they nagged, they constantly spoke of how they were better than the working-class bot they were currently riding in. He kept his mouth shut, and his rage pent up... for a time. He then met another member of the working class, a Minicon by the name of Monocle. The two got along great, and Monocle would usually join Unreal's nightly rounds.

His first act of rebellion began like a normal night. A rich mech called out for his limo, loading up the two females with him while sipping on a half-drained Energon cube. He was bold and brash, yelling about Unreal's crappy driving and small space, claiming that he was only gonna pay the ticked so he didn't have to make his 'connections' come and do the dirty work for him. While ferrying his unpleasant guests to another bar in the next district of Cybertron, he and Monocle received a video transmission from one of Megatron's seekers, explaining the Decepticon cause to them. Monocle jumped at the idea, begging his partner and friend to join with him. The final straw in deciding was the rich bot in the back unscrewing his codpiece and dumping his thick, dirty oil into Unreal's backseat. He ejected his riders and transformed, wielding his dual-thrusters and modified guns and blowing the bot to bits. The seeker smiled and reported back to Megatron, bringing Unreal and Monocle to meet their new commander.

The beginning of the War