Did I do that ?

"Did I do that ?"-Urkeltron's catchphrase.

Urkeltron is the screw-up turbo nerd in a transforming exo-suit Autobot in EVERY SINGLE CONTINUITY.


When Steven Q. Urkel decided to explore the universes he took some cybertronian technology,his car,and a transwarp drive and made Urkeltron.To ensure presice operating ability,Urkel placed his own mind in the mech and started his (mis)adventure.


Urkeltron appeared at the worst of all times in G1,the Battle of Autobot City,he also landed in the worst place too,right next to Megatron in his final battle against Optimus Prime.Urkeltron's appearence there eventually to the death of Optimus.He later joined the

Autobots in mourning the death of Optimus.Urkeltron some how made it to Cybertron and participated in the battle against Unicron,in wich he blew up the planet-eater WITH EVERYONE ELSE INSIDE !

Beast Wars

Urkeltron was only there for 20 minutes and in that time destroyed both ships,killed Optimus Prime(again),turned Airrazor into a dude,and killed off both Optimus Primal and Megatron.

Beast Machines

You don't wanna know,you REALLY don't.

Unicron Trilogy

In Transformers: Armada, Urkeltron appeared in the final battle with Unicron and had an unnamed Mini-Con which transformed into a rubber mallet. He also made a cameo appearance in Transformers: Energon mining down in the fields, killing a fellow miner in the process. In Transformers: Cybertron, he does not make a physical appearance, but is often mentioned in place of the word 'great' in sarcastic things (Example: "Oh, Urkeltron."- Vector Prime).


Urkeltron only made a cameo appearance in Revenge of the Fallen, appearing behind a pyramid and waving for about 5 seconds.




Urkeltron (Deluxe class 2008)

A cancelled deluxe version was to be released as a ToysRUs exclusive but was cancelled when a test release caused the store to explode in firey death.

Urkeltron (Deluxe class 2010)

A fixed version of the 2008 version with metallic paint job and voice clips that are activated by pressing a button on its shoulder.

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