Ursus is a Maximal in Transformers: The New Beast Wars. He is one of two Fuzors on the Maximal side, along with his friend/partner Sanya. He has a very strange alternate mode, and is the second-oldest of the team. He is the second-tallest at 10' in height.

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Utahraptor/Polar Bear Fuzor





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Maximals, Predacons (sometimes)


Predacons, Venocons, 4 Horsemen, Renegades


Polar Ops., Tracker

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The New Beast Wars





Ursus has been around since the tail-end of the Great War, and was part of the first generation of Maximals. His life between then and the start of the story is sketchy, but he fought in the Predacon Insurrection alongside Zero, and this is how the two became friends. He also rescued Sanya from Darkmount.

The Quest

He was called, along with Sanya, by Zero when the Shard Quest began, as one of the shards had landed on an ice-covered world. The two agreed to come, and soon met up with Zero at the spaceport.


Ursus has keen senses due to his beast mode, which is a Fuzor. With raptor speed and bear endurance, he can either outrun or outlast most opponents. He can run at up to 120 mph for 24 hours before he has to stop and rest. His sense of smell and hearing in particular are the most exceptional, but his others are also very developed. He has sharp claws and powerful jaws in his alternate mode, and functions at his best in cold environments. In robot mode, he has a laser cannon formed from his tail, which he is an excellent shot with. He and Sanya have the ability to absorb excess energon radiation from their environment and fire it out their chests. His fires like a rocket, exploding in an opponents body to short out their systems. He also has optic blasts in robot mode that paralyze his targets. Ursus is also very strong, and his beast mode is heavily built. This limits his agility in both modes, particularly his robot mode. He is not especially well armored, but his strength compensates for this.


Ursus has green mechanical parts and white fur. He has black claws and blue eyes in both modes. He has similar proportions to BW Dinobot, who he actually resembles

Behind the scenes

Ursus's beast mode is a reference to the Polar drak from Wikipedia:The New Dinosaurs: An Alternative Evolution