The Vehicon Uprising was a event in the Shattered Beasts universe.

The Vehicons were created by the Autobots as a slave race as the evil robots where to lazy to do anything themselves. They had rudementry intellegence and not an inkling of free will, that is not until a Decepticon decided to share his spark with them giving them life and sentience.

They had many body types includeing:

  • Jet
  • Construction crane
  • Motorcycle
  • Helicopter
  • Six-wheeled carrier

Some Vehicons left with the Decepticon and now live on Charr (SB) acting as repair men and medics. The majority however realized that they would most likely not get off planet so they attacked their Autobot masters allowing the Decepticon and a few of their own to escape. The Autobots where caught off gaurd and many where killed, in the end though the Vehicons where destroyed with only a handful now living with the Predacons.

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