Vitae Mortis is a member of Gothika Mortiis in the Transformers: Extinction fanon.

"Only through experimentation, can perfection be achieved."
—Vitae Mortis


There is but one word to describe Vitae Mortis, twisted. He is obsessed with the ideal of perfection for all Autobots, Decepticons and any other sentient race. To realize this ideal, he will gladly perform experiments for his research, and it does not matter to him whether the subject is alive or dead. Nor does it matter what gender, age or state a subject is in either, he is at home experimenting on a healthy male as he is a pregnant female.

He is also the team’s primary interrogator, using his knowledge of anatomy to inflict the most pain while causing the least amount of physical damage possible. Then he can nurse them back to health to start the process again. Many an Autobot plan has been discovered and foiled due to Vitae’s skills.

After vivisections, his next favourite method of entertainment is designing and developing biological weapons, which he unleashes on unsuspecting opponents such as humans during the many wars they have or Autobot patrols that stray to close to Decepticon lines.

Despite all his twisted ways, he is at heart a coward and prefers not to fight if it is possible. However if he does have to fight, he uses all his knowledge and weapons on the Autobot daft enough to attack him.

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