War on Cybertron - Introduction

3 Billion years ago, when the universe was still young, lived a race of beings called Cybertronians. A race of sentient robot beings. They lived on the surface of the planet Cybertron. A planet with metallic fields, mountains of rock, murky seas, and springs of energy - known to its inhabitants as Energon Springs.

There are two seats of government on Cybertron - Cybertronia, taking the name of its planet in hopes it would set an example as a nation as to what the planet Cybertron should be. The Cybertron High Council - a four man group of mysterious and ancient Cybertronians - is its acting government along with the Cybertronian Prime, a chief executive officer with final say so over High Council directives and elected by the Cybertronians. The lowest level of Cybertronian government is the Citizenry. The Citizenry are a thousand members of representatives who bring forth issues and propositions to the High Council. Both the Citizenry and Prime go along with the High Council's final directive, even though Prime can veto it. The government is currently in uproar over the latest moves of the Destron Empire.

The Destron Empire, headed by the iron-fisted dictator Destronus, is militaristic and secretly plans on ruling Cybertron. Destronus, along with his Chief Advisor Shockwave and General Deszaras, fight with tribes along its borders to take over their land. The Destron Empire, because of this, has grown bigger than Cybertronia.

Cybertronia, in order to keep peace with The Empire, has sent its most beloved Cybertronian, Autobot, on a diplomatic mission to Destron.

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