Warp Trail is a Decepticon who serves as Decepticon Reconisance

Warp Trail
Biographical information


Physical description
Alternate Mode

Basler BT-69




48 ft 6 in

Sensor color


Personal information

Shockwave, Starscream


Megatron, Autobots


Stealth, Close Quarter Combat

Chronological and political information

Pre- Beast Wars Saga




When he was created, he served the Auto-Bots. His original name was Sidestrike. He eventually took on the name Sidestrike Prime and fought Megatron head to head. He gained a evil outlook after the fight where he was beaten badly. He joined the Decepticon's but not under Megatron. He began assassinating Auto Bot leaders and eventually fought Jetfire, Ironhide, and Optimus Prime in a battle. He was gravely damaged, and floated in space for years. He eventually left to Earth and diguised himself as a Plane.


Warp Trail uses a staff with energy charged tips. He is very profficent when using this, and is skilld in other weapons such as swords, axe, etc.


Warp Trail, as a robot has a large chest with the depecticon symbol on it. He has a circular shaped head with a thin line as the eye. He has two large hands and his legs are flat at the bottom and his feet are flat. He has two wings on his back.

Toy Line

Warp Trail Series 1- The first Warp Trail toy was a simple design with gray coloring.

Sidestrike Prime- Warp Trails original form, the Sidestrike Prime has mostly red and white coloring. As Sidestrike, he transforms into a White Colored Chimera.

Warp Trail Series 2- A more complicated version version of Warp Trail with different coloring. Instead of his normal Black and Purple, he is Black and Red. He also comes with his energy staff.

Warp Trail Head Piece- A replica of Warp Trail's head that is also a voice command mask. The mask says phrases like I am your worst nightmare and Sidestrike is nothing but a distant memory.

Sidestrike and Warp Trail Combo Pack- A special event item, that comes with both Sidestrike original deisgn and Warp Trail Voyager Class. Sidestrike's arm, has a Spring Fired Blast that is purple in color. The Warp Trail Voyager Class comes with his staff with a Spring Loaded Energy Blast.