Windcharger is the pride of the Autobot War Academy. Sadistic, cruel, and efficient, he relishes in raining down terror on Decepticons, and on Earth, has found a new love in using his many talents against human resistance cells.

Or at least that is the facade that he has created around himself. He is a top-notch soldier, but his true love is science. He spends his time in recharging chambers analyzing data he collects as he conducts his missions. He finds such actions soothing after battle. But this is a love that he must hide from the other Autobots. He fears that if they discover this hidden secret, that an even deeper and more dangerous secret will be revealed. He does not believe in the violence that seems to have engulfed the Autobot cause. But he goes along with the actions of the other Autobots for fear that they would kill him or worse if they discovered the truth.

Toys: Generation 1

File:Windcharger (Mirrorverse).JPG
File:Windcharger (Mirrorverse) (Car).JPG

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