Winged Minibus of Doom Class
Production information

Hfil Shipyards


Winged Minibus of Doom Class

Technical specifications

700 meters (approx)

Engine unit(s)

3 ThrustMaster Overdrives

Hyperdrive system

Magenta Vortex Drive

Power output


Power plant

Cosmic Gas Refinery System

  • Multiple Doombunny Cannons
  • Atomic Hairball Launchers
  • KirdyDump Projectors
  • Blue Flame Cannons
  • Numerous spikey bits
Other systems
  • Steses Pods
  • Repair systems

Flagship, Carrier, Terror weapon


Bored Fish era


Predacons, Customercons


The Winged Minibus of Doom is the class of ship that the Dynamite belongs to. Designed to the specifications of Napoletron, the class were intended to be the ultimate space combat vessels, a requirement the ship lived up to. In combat, the Dynamite proved to be unbeatable, with opponents fleeing at the mere sight of it.

Impressed with its performance, the engineers at the Hfil shipyards considered constructing a fleet of the ships. However, Napoletron objected, not wanting anyone else - friend or foe - to have access to a ship capable of rivaling his. To prevent that from happening, he personally killed (and ate) all the engineers involved in the project.

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