These Wreckers are unlike any you've seen before! During the Great War, there was another group of the same name, but only Ironfist and a few deserters (plus Cyclonus) survived. With a growing number of Decepticons, they've been brought back as a bunch of rookies, with Ironfist as their mentor!

Original Members

  • Springer - Leader, was killed by Bludgeon
  • Devcon - Spy and hunter, he was shot in a massacre. His personality was downloaded into the new Devcon.
  • Ultra Magnus - Former lawman, he left after the team was disbanded/killed.
  • Rodimus Minor - He left with Ultra Magnus. He was the recon.
  • Ironfist - The only one to keep the passion and not to be destroyed, he was later the mentor to the Wrecker newbies.
  • Cyclonus - When he was a wanderer after his appearance, he joined up but then left for the Decepticons.
  • Roadbuster - Ultra Magnus's brother, he was slaughtered by the Decepticons.



* Getaway - The leader and con artist.

* Longtooth - The madman of a genius.

* Ironfist - The veteran and second-in-command.

* Lightspeed - The shy scholar.

* Skids - The weapons tester and whipping boy.

* Nightbeat - A detective, he assists the group in heavy mysteries.

* Rapid Run - The team's double agent with an unknown past.

* Downshift - A living computer, he can access any database by plugging into the core frame. In his non-cyberspace form, however, he is partially translucent.

* Drift - A haunted ninja, cousin to Lightspeed and former Decepticon prisoner.

* Devcon - The original was killed in the war, but had his personality downloaded into a new body beleiving he was the original.

* Dash - An anxious speedfreak, he rivals Blurr in races.

* Deadhour - An oil vampire, he used to live on the streets of Polyhex until Axer mutated him.


  • Moonrock - The trainer of Yoketron himself, after the latters death he trained Drift (then known as Deadlock) and Lightspeed until Deadlock was kidnapped.

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